Our Services

A Range of Capabilities


  • Laser Cutting

    We offer quality laser cutting services, and a fast turnaround without any sacrifice to product quality. We continue to produce excellent products using customer drawings, models, or sample components/parts provided.

    We use advanced nesting software to minimize wasteful scrap and optimize raw materials, keeping costs low.

  • Fitting and Welding

    You will find Specialloy is equipped to exceed expectations on both industrial and precision welds. With over 40 years combined welding experience we are able to turn around jobs quickly and efficiently, especially when coupled with other services, such as our in-house laser cutting. We pride ourselves on being able to take on any weld assembly job no matter how difficult.

  • Finishing

    We take extreme care to ensure the final product is beautiful and built to last. Our range of finishing services include powder coating, polishing, painting, and plating.